Announcing [email protected]

Jan 20 2017

We are happy to announce [email protected], based on AI and radar technology [email protected] is the most advanced traffic control system ever.

The techniques in AT-flow was originally developed and analysed as a research product at Aalborg University, in the DiCyPS project.
We are current working on installing [email protected] in several crossings e.g. in Aarhus and Aalborg in Denmark, and several in India.
[email protected] is able to look into the future and using AI it will then optimise the signal setting to get the optimal traffic flow.
One of the biggest advantages of [email protected] is how easy it is to apply different constraints. Constraints such as minimum and maximum green times, bus prioritisation, and prioritisation of heavy vehicles are easily added to the control. [email protected] is fully and easily customisable to fit the needs of any road authority.
See the product page for [email protected] to learn more and to get in touch with us.

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