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Our advanced video analysis products can in a fast and reliable way analyse video of all kinds of traffic. All our products works both in real time and offline, so from the time the camera is set up the results will be available.

Traffic Counting

From videos of traffic intersection we are able to deliver a complete traffic analysis of the crossing, both from a video but also in real time from a camera stream. Examples of the results of the analysis are:

  1. The number of cars, bikes, pedestrians, trucks, busses and so on passing through the crossing.
  2. The paths taken by the road users, e.g. the number of bikes turning right from road A onto road B.
  3. Average waiting times for different kinds of road users.
Traffic count example

License Plate Recognition

From videos of cars we can do licence plate recognition both in real time and from prerecorded videos analyse the traffic in several ways such as counting the number of cars leaving the highway on a specific stretch, by comparing two videos.


By simply installing a camera which films the parking area we can deliver real time analysis of several aspects including

  1. Number free and used parking spots.
  2. Average time a car stays at a parking spot, both for the whole parking lot and for individual parking spots.
  3. Number of cars unable to find a parking
Parking analysis example